What Are The Different Types Of BetGames? Discover The Most Popular Ones

BetGames is a gambling game developer that specializes in live dealer betting games that players all over Africa are being able to experience, with the company having recently struck up a huge partnership with betting giants Betway.

The two companies have come together in recent times to provide punters with some of the biggest titles across the continent, with a variety of different types of games possible to play and enjoy. For instance, players in Ghana are able to play some of the best number bet titles whenever they wish, while players in other countries on the continent are able to enjoy many of the other forms of games available.

Perhaps one of the best things about the BetGames offerings is that they are live titles that provide fixed odds that can be played 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all year around! In fact, the action is non-stop, thus making each title fast-paced, fun, and very easy to play.

With that in mind, individuals who may be interested in learning more about the types of games offered by BetGames will want to check out the list of the most popular ones below, as those who head to Betway will be able to experience many of them all in one place…

Lucky 5

A classic lottery-style game in which you must pick five numbers between 1 and 36. If all five of the numbers you select match those chosen by the live dealer, then you will be rewarded with a large cash prize!

Wheel of Fortune

This game is based on the popular television show of the same name. Players must select the correct segment that will appear on the wheel, with their winnings being determined by a multiplier for every correct prediction made.

Bet on Poker

This is an exciting game where players can bet on which cards they believe will be dealt in a round of poker between two virtual opponents. As the cards are dealt, a host will show the results of each round and players can keep track of their winnings.

Lucky 7

Another lottery-style game that is similar to Lucky 5 but with seven numbers between 1 and 45 instead. Match all seven correctly and you can potentially walk away with some huge winnings!

Dice Duel

An exciting and fast-paced dice game where two virtual players will roll two sets of dice. Players must bet on which of the two players will end up with the higher score in a single round, with those who place correct bets being able to walk away with big winnings.

War of Bets

A game based on the classic card game of War, where two virtual players will be dealt five cards each. Players must bet on which hand they believe will win, with those who pick correctly being rewarded with a cash prize.

Lucky 6

This is another lottery-style game but with six numbers instead of five. Pick all six correctly and you could be rewarded with a jackpot prize!


These are just some of the most popular titles available from BetGames, but there are still many more waiting to be explored! By heading over to Betway, players in countries like Ghana will have an opportunity to experience them all.